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If you have a burning desire to do your best, we will work well together.

You must understand, you were born for a reason and a purpose. The Universe, God, Creator, whatever you believe in, has a plan for you. Your responsibility is to find your Why, Trust the Process, and intentionally write your own Story. I am living proof that this can happen.

Reading this inspring feedback by attendees will sway you. Read their grateful review here!

Brady Jones


I felt for years something was missing from my personal and professional relationships. I read book after book, listened to podcasts and watched motivational videos. Nothing resonated with what I was trying to achieve.
Tunch’s unique hands-on approach to coaching and leading by example through his own life experiences gave me the confidence to take action. The results of his coaching have been truly remarkable. His coaching shifted my mindset to excel at my job and be high a performer Thanks again, Tunch. It’s always great working with you.

Tunch is an inspiring coach who has motivated to me to begin my inner journey. He has helped me increase my self awareness to accomplish my goals and helped me establish a strong bridge with my past experience and future plans. Being an awesome accountable partner, he has enabled me to be even happier and healthier. Now, I’m inspired to focus more on growth and contribution in a fun manner. He is not only a passionate coach but also visionary.

A/R Medical Billing

Tunch has a unique kind personality that make you feel completely comfortable. He has helped me release fears and insecurities that I had with work and taking risks. With his coaching I’m feeling more confident and secure with my abilities and since then, my career and personal life has blossomed.

Sabrina Goldfarb

Sales Consultant

Tunch has been a great coach and mentor to me. He kept me accountable and helped me achieve my professional and personal goals. I am very thankful for him.

Wells Fargo
Personal Banker

Tunch’s coaching have allowed me to find something better, true happiness in my life. This consequently improved my marriage and increased my confidence in myself. Tunch taught me to always find positive meaning to any outcome and to love myself first. After my second meeting with Tunch, I saw Tunch approach life with the same advice he gave me, and it motivated me to follow through the plan we both created to make the needed changes I desired.

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Performance Coach
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© 2020 Tunch Diptas All Rights Reserved. │ Privacy Cookies Policy │Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

© 2020 Tunch Diptas All rights reserved.